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10 Best Free SEO Tools

Are you looking to stay afloat in today’s competitive online world? You need to make sure that your SEO game is better than everyone else’s. If you would like to achieve amazing optimization results but aren’t planning on making a huge financial investment, try out either one of the tools listed below as they’re all available freely.

Best Free SEO Tools

Best free SEO tools

When you have the right materials to help with your tasks, even the most challenging task is simplified. Here are 10 of the best SEO tools that we have in the market:

1. Google Analytics

This has proven to be very resourceful over the years. Users are able to track how many visitors come to their site and also get to know how they found the site. When you get to know how people are finding your website and where they come from, you can tell which ones of your SEO efforts are paying off.

2. Google’s Keyword Planner

This tool gives the user data on the average number of search estimates for the keywords queried. It also suggests extra keywords that you should also put into consideration.

3. Google Search Console

This tool has a wealth of foresight that gives users a deeper understanding of:

  • The performance of your chosen keywords

  • Indexation problems

  • Mobile usage

Google Search Console

4. Keywords everywhere

This tool provides many websites with free search volume. This browser plug-in also gives insights into competitors and cost-per-click. Some websites that it avails this data for are:

  • Bing

  • e-Bay

  • Amazon

  • YouTube, etc

5. Ubersuggest

This tool gets it data from Google Keyword Planner and uses it to suggest other useful words depending on the provided keywords. One of this tool’s excellent features is the keyword filter that lets you eliminate keywords that you aren’t interested in.


Through this tool, you get a chance to look at how your website looks like to different search engines. BROWSEO removes any styling on your site and shows you the “skeleton” structure. This way you can tell whether or not Google’s bot has a hard time getting access to your content.

7. SEMrush

This excellent tool makes it easier for you to know which keywords specific pages rank for, especially your competition. It gives you all the information you need about those keywords and makes it simpler for you to improve your content creation.

8. Woorank

This tool comes up with an SEO score for your website and lets you know how to go about improving the score. Woorank can also generate other information relating to the number of likes on your social media platforms, the number of people who left comments, and how many times your posts were shared or bookmarked.

9. MozBar

This tool mostly works together with Chrome and allows its users easy access to advanced metrics. You get in-depth access to elements such as markup, page title, and link metrics.

It’s a great tool for search engine optimization on the move.

MOZBar Chrome extension

10. CanIRank

This tool will help you decide whether or not it’s possible for you to rank for a certain keyword. CanIRank makes use of Artificial Intelligence to provide you with ideas on how best you can target a keyword.


As you have seen, there are tons of free tools for SEO Dubai that you may use to rank higher on search engines. These tools might be available freely but you’re still required to dedicate one of your most valued resources – time. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you expect but when used correctly you’ll reap amazing results. This tells you one thing. That if you are already preoccupied with other things you should outsource from a professional SEO company to handle everything for you.

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