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Boost Your Local SEO by Google My Business

With the myriads of start-ups emerging every day, business owners must implement various strategies to remain competitive. Unlimited internet access and the rise of online consumers have driven businesses to think of unique ways to rank high on search engines. One such platform is Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a platform created by Google that manages how a business is viewed and performs in search engines. Here, businesses get more than listings. They have a rare chance of interacting with their consumers across Google maps.

Google My Business is instrumental in depicting how your website’s visibility in maps. Google+, and search engines among other relevant platforms. Google My Business is indeed one of the best programs for driving successful local Dubai SEO.

Google My Business Dashboard

Optimizing your business in Google My Business

If you are looking to enhance online visibility in your locality, optimizing your business for Google My Business is imperative. Google is on a never-ending mission to facilitate how businesses reach their clients as well as improve customer experience. It offers various features that businesses can leverage to increase online visibility and grab the attention of their target audience.

For successful optimization, an entrepreneur must complete all the information Google requires. It is this data that Google will use to drive potential customers your way. Also, it is essential to regularly check your dashboard on the platform to ensure all details are correct and no one has tampered with them.

Making use of Google My Business Posts is also encouraged. They allow a business owner to add images, call-to-action, and relevant links. It is the perfect place to indicate when there is an upcoming event, a business sale, or a new product that needs featuring.

The bottom line is the possibilities with Google My Business Posts are endless. Be creative for your chance to wow your target audience and drive more organic and direct traffic to your business.

How does Google My Business rank local businesses?

Google My Business uses various strategies to boost local rankings. However, the three that play a crucial part include:

Online Visibility

How prominent is your business in your locality? This normally revolves around the number of activities surrounding your listing. Some of these activities include reviews, the number of events attended in the locality, and many others. Inactivity is bound to kill your SEO rankings. Make sure your business listing is regularly updated. A simple thing such as uploading photos and posting relevant content is enough to keep your business soaring high in local SEO.


How relevant is your business in regards to the people’s needs? Be transparent about what your business offers. This alone significantly increases the chances of your business beating competitors in search queries related to your niche.

Make Your Business to State Their Area of Location to Get Best Local Searches

Geographical location

Google My Business requires businesses to state their area of operation, which makes it hard for a business to do well in local searches in an area far away from the location of the business. On the brighter side, an active business listing with relevant content will rank high in centralized searches in their local area.

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