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What Will Be the Changes in Google Search Results in 2016?


Unluckily for SEO-experts, the Google search results algorithms are constantly changing. Of course, the purpose of these changes is to make the search easier for users. Along with these changes, different SEO factors importance also varies. The factors which yesterday were of paramount importance for SEO in Dubai, today can significantly less influence on the sites ranking. Algorithms update frequency also increases day by day. By analyzing the current trends, we tried to predict major changes in Google’s Algorithms in 2016.

1. A full launch of Knowledge Graph
A full launch of Knowledge Graph may significantly reduce the number of clicks on content resources because users would be able to see the answers directly in the search box, with no need to open sites.
Knowledge Graph base is being constantly updated and it means that in the next year or two it would be able to find the answers to low-frequency queries and not only general queries, while expanding the geography of subjects. Consequently now it is important to focus on low-frequency queries.

2. Social signals would have a more significant weight

Social signals

Google has established close ties with Fasebook long ago. Search engine receives a wealth of information from the social network, which allows to improve search results quality and make Google AdWords more effective. Google recently signed an agreement with Twitter, which resulted in a permit for a complete scan of information in tweets. In this regard, experts predict that the impact of social signals to the search results will only increase. And the algorithm of social signals consideration will also change minimizing the possibility of gaming.

3. Update of ranking will occur more frequently
The reason for this will be Knowledge Graph development. As mentioned above, the "openability" of sites in the search results will decrease, as most of the users will get answers from Knowledge Graph. "Openability" - is one of behavioral factors characteristics. In other words, Google will think that the sites listed in the search results do not match the query, and therefore will be more likely to update the TOP. 

4. There will be more mobile applications in the search results
Today we already observe that the Google mobile search provides links to not only websites, but also to mobile applications. Frequency of smartphones and tablets use is growing and therefore more and more applications appear every day. This implies that very soon on a number of queries most of the search results will consist of mobile applications. 

5. New external ranking factors may be taken into account in the search results
Smartphones provide a significant amount of useful information about their owners. Google already shows search results according to your location: takes into account the street and the house next to where you are. But this is not an exhaustive list of information. Smartphone can give Google information about your activity, interests and even the weather in your area. Based on the data, Google, if necessary, may adjust lists of search results.

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