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How to Write Quality Content for SEO with E-A-T


The search engine giant, Google, always endeavors to serve the most relevant and high-quality results for every search query. What it means for site owners is that for a site to outrank the rest, keeping up with the ever-evolving measure is essential. Google algorithms are quite complex, a concept that lots of users struggle to comprehend.

Now and then, however, Google provides updates, the latest being 2019’s March Core Algorithm update. The updates hold a significant impact on sites across the web, with a popular acronym (E.A.T.) making headlines. As you work towards better performance, your SEO measures can’t provide desirable results without E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). So, how can you tailor SEO content with E.A.T.? Here is a quick look at some simple but practical measures to ease your quest. Here is a quick look at some simple but practical measures to ease your quest. Information provided by the best SEO agency in Dubai - BEONTOP

Site’s purpose

Are you delivering content in line with your site’s purpose? Is the content helping your visitors? Can the users trust your content? Don’t make the mistake of forgetting your site’s purpose, and most importantly, don’t upload sketchy content that doesn’t add value to your readers. Showcase your uniqueness and offer verifiable content that helps your visitors. The concept is especially crucial for your money or your life sites (YMYL), as your content holds a significant impact on your readers, such as gaining financial, legal, or medical advice.

Content quality

Keyword stuffing is still a common approach, but this no longer gives your site an edge. Google ranks content based on its quality. Before uploading your content, proofread and eliminate grammar issues and typos. Make the content readable, and don’t forget to double-check links to ensure there are no broken links on your page. It goes without saying that you need to break up your content to make it easily scannable. An e-commerce site, for example, needs to feature the F.A.Q. section, clear product photos, and detailed descriptions that help users to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that apart from keyword staffing, the other easiest way to take your site down the drain is plagiarized content.


Are you an expert in a certain field? That comes in handy as you strive to achieve a better ranking. Google doesn’t want users to be misled, and your content’s authority helps to narrow down the best search results users can benefit from. Being an “expert,” however, doesn’t necessarily mean academic achievements. If your content contains authoritative sources and relevant licenses, then your site stands a better chance.

Your contact, about us pages, and bios are the most straightforward approaches you can utilize to showcase your authoritativeness. Develop bylines for your content, and include bio pages describing who you are and what you are doing. If your organization has experts, don’t let it go to waste. Include them, as well as trustworthy influencers, to gain an edge and enjoy better ranking.

Search engine optimization might seem like a daunting challenge, but not if you do it right. The best part is that with the readily available professional services, including digital marketers and freelance content writers, you can conveniently keep up with the rapid changes and stay a step ahead.

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