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Local SEO in Dubai

The website can be binded to some particular region with the help of Google Webmaster tools. Local SEO in Dubai also involves selection of a semantic kernel. This is done because the sites that have a binding to some region receive the largest volume of traffic. For local website promotion it is necessary to acquire regional links. These are links that are on pages of sites which are located in the same region as their recipient.

The ranking of the regional search is influenced by the presence of keywords in the company name. You should also use keywords in the URL's of the website. It is also advised to enter the name of the region in the titles of the website pages. If you create the same Google-places it can result in the negative reviews, which is totally undesirable when promoting the local resource.

Local Dubai SEO

The algorythms of search engines pay attention to both the quality and the number of backlinks. Ranking the various sites for certain queries, the algorithms of Google are turning their attention only on their IP address, domain region, as well as the location of the offices of the company. Therefore, the main tool for Local SEO in Google should be optimization of the resource for specific regional queries.

When choosing a server for registration of your website, you need to give preference to ones which operate in the same region with your website. Such a search engine, like Google, pays a lot of attention to the geographical location of the site.

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