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The Most Effective Methods of Brand Building and SEO

BrandIn experienced web-marketers opinion, principles of brand promotion in the Internet market are similar to those which are used for offline promotion processes. In fact, the goal is to attract the attention of the target audience, creating the right image of a brand or a separate product. The main difference between the types of brand promotion is the instruments used to influence consumers.

We are going to consider five of the most effective methods of digital public relations:

  1. The first classic method is banner advertising. Alas, today this method is not as effective: people simply do not pay attention to such pictures and GIFs. Today banner advertising is perceived more like white noise and it works only if placed directly on your website. Banners are only noticed by clients who visit your website to make a purchase, and therefore happy to take the opportunity to participate in any action.
  2. Another traditional way of promotion is Pay Per Click advertising. Brand promotion on the Internet in this way is quite effective, but likely allows you to sell a particular product or service rather than improve brand awareness in general. And the cost of such advertising is quite high.
  3. Creation of subject articles affects not only branding but also PR. In addition, reference weight added in the text may help to promote the site to the search results top.
  4. Promotion via blogs is also effective. Such a campaign may include placement of paid posts, bloggers analyze of your products and services as well as a simple links placement.
  5. Another way to promote the brand on the Internet is social networking. This is the modern way of promotion which gives limitless possibilities. We decided to consider this method in more detail.

Brand Promotion through Social Networking

SMMFirst of all, you need to determine what kind of audience you want to attract, what is your ultimate goal (brand awareness or sales and expand markets increase), what are realistic expectations for customer feedback (the number of comments, likes, reposts). Once you determine the goals of the campaign, you may start: you have to focus on brand promotion within a particular social network. Each network has its own characteristics and audience, and even if one person has accounts on different sites, one of them is primary.

Brand promotion in social networks involves the creation of a corporate account. If you want to work with Fasebook or MySpace audience, you have to create a group or community. You can post articles, news, links, organize polls, hold contests and create events there. Instagram lets you publish photos of products, services, posters and reports of events and parties. Twitter allows you to create an RSS feed with cross posts.

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