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SEO Services for Landing Page

PRLanding page (LP) websites are now often used by many companies. There are bright background and stylish infographics as well as functional and user-friendly navigation in their design. But is it possible to make it visible in the SERPs? It mostly depends on the site subject and structure. If a site is convenient for users, then Google will consider it useful too. 
SEO Experts, in their turn, recommend placing links to internal pages or blogs on landing page websites. In other words, they suggest making a visually perceived multipage site out of a single-page. Does it mean that it is impossible to optimize a landing page in a quality manner? 

On the one hand, the advantage of LP websites is the fact that all external links would lead to the same page. On the other hand, in the long run to naturally receive a sufficient reference weight for a single page with the same content is more difficult than to obtain the same amount of links leading to different pages of a multipage website. Experts with one voice confirm that for the purposes of SEO it is much better to have a multi-page site with a large number of external links leading both to the main page and the internal pages. The one-page site can be successfully optimized if devoted to a specific narrow subject.

Thus, it can be concluded that:

  • a landing page is well suited for conversion increasing;
  • a multipage site is better suited to obtain high-quality links weight.

Content Optimization

algorithm hummingbirdOne-page sites may attract traffic on a limited number of key phrases. To attract traffic over a larger number of search queries you need to have a multipage site, where each separate group of keywords are embedded inside a separate page with relevant content. An important point: Google's Hummingbird algorithm task is to display those sites and pages in the search results that best fit the meaning of a search query, rather than just displaying of pages containing the query word or phrase. If you have only one page, which describes the entire product as a whole (including case studies, product benefits, key customers, market characteristics and so on), there can be a risk that Google would accept only some part of the text as relevant (eg description of the market) and the rest of the text on the page (including product description, case studies and etc) would not fall in the SERPs.

In conclusion, we would like to remind about the precious time of users. If the page immediately reveals the essence of an issue (product or service), and the story goes on the principle "from the general to the special" then this would be the right landing page and its SEO will be successful.

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