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SEO Pricing in Dubai

Please note:

  • We use only legal methods of website promotion. Since 2009, none of our clients' sites was banned.
  • We work on contract and are financially responsible for the result of promotion. No result - no payment.

You can choose the most suitable strategy for search engine promotion. Your choice will depend on the reporting and payment scheme for the position or for traffic.

The Cost of SEO Positions:

In such cases the price depends on the complexity of queries and their amount. We work with no monthly fees and you pay only for the result. We create the list of requests and agree on the cost of their promotion to the top ten or top five of SERP. The result work is checked daily. At the end of each month you get a report.
For example, this is a list of promoted keywords:

  • photographers in dubai;
  • photography in dubai;
  • photographer in dubai;
  • dubai photographer;
  • photographer dubai;
  • photographers dubai;
  • dubai photographers;
  • wedding photographer;
  • wedding photographer dubai;
  • wedding photographers;
  • wedding photography;
  • wedding photographer uae;
  • wedding photographer abu dhabi.

The price of promotion in such case is from AED 3500
(Google.ae, TOP 10)

SEO Packages

Monthly Yearly
from 3500 AED
For a small business40 keywords
Get started
from 7000 AED
Most popular plan120 keywords
Get started
from 5000 AED
For a small business80 keywords
Get started
from 42000 AED
For a small business40 keywords
Get started
from 84000 AED
Most popular plan120 keywords
Get started
from 60000 AED
For a small business80 keywords
Get started

The Cost of Traffic Promotion:

In this case, there are three moments to be discussed:

  • The size of the starting charge, it compensates for our expenses in the initial stages of promotion. Usually, this is AED 4000 - 6000.
  • The cost of the each visit from the search engine. For most commercial themes it is AED 0,3-0,6 for a visitor.
  • The limit is the amount of limiting of our fee if there will be much more visitors than planned.

We take into visits to the website from all search engines. We do not take into account the visits on the agreed "negative words" - they are usually a brand name, company name, and address of its website.

The Cost of Promotion of Low Frequency Keywords

Usually, for low-frequency SEO Dubai, we also use monthly payment scheme, which is made according to the report.
If you have a reason to hurry, it is possible to try to bring in the top-10 all 5000 e-commerce products, but only by separate agreement. Unfortunately, usually there is not enough texts and it is safer to work portions. The number of pages per month and cost of service is agreed individually. This is usually AED 2500 for 100 pages of the most popular goods.

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