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YouTube Promotion

YouTube was created in 2005 and today it is owned by Google. It is the largest video hosting in the world, which gives the ability to upload, view and advertise your videos. You can create your own channel, subscribe to other channels, comment and share various content.

YouTube attracts more than a billion unique visitors daily, which puts this resource on the same level with the TV companies. Also, the website is available in 61 languages and it is most popular in the United States, primarily among 18-34-year-olds (55% of men and 45% women).

Among the advantages of having a YouTube channel are: the opportunity to adjust your daily budget and advertising company and convenient feedback. The benefits of brand promotion in YouTube are:

  • Continuous contact with target audience;
  • The opportunity to advertise the video with AdWords;
  • Multimillion target audience;
  • The possibility of creating a major PR company for a video.
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